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List of Abbreviations found in Musical Scores

The Oxford Dictionary of Music

List of Abbreviations found in Musical Scores

8va ottava.

a. accelerando, as found particularly in Elgar's scores.

accel. accelerando.

ad lib. ad libitum.

A.S. al segno.

Br. Bratsche(n) [Ger.]: viola(s).

C contralto, as in SCTB.

c.a. coll' arco.

CB contrabassi [It.]: string double basses.

cresc. crescendo.

D.C. da capo.

decresc. descrescendo.

dim. diminuendo.

div. divisi.

D.S. dal segno.

f forte.

ff fortissimo.

Fg. Fagott [Ger.]: bassoon.

G grand orgue [Fr.]: great organ.

get. geteilt, getheilt [Ger.]: divided.

gliss. glissando.

GO grand orgue [Fr.]: great organ.

GP 1. General pause. 2. grand et positif [Fr.]: great and choir organs.

GPR grand-positif-récit [Fr.]: great, choir, and swell organs.

GR grand récit [Fr.]: great and swell organs.

Gr. Tr. grosse Trommel [Ger.]: bass drum.

Kb. Kontrabass [Ger.]: double bass.

Kl. Klarinette [Ger.]: clarinet.

Kl. Fl. kleine Flöte [Ger.]: piccolo.

L.H. left hand (in, e.g., piano music).

Man. 1. mano [It.]: hand. 2. Manuale [Ger.]: manual (of organ).

M.D. main droite [Fr.] or mano destra [It.]: right hand.

mf mezzo forte.

M.G. main gauche [Fr.]: Left hand.

M.K. Manualkoppel [Ger.]: manual coupler (in organ music).

M.M. metronome.

mp mezzo piano.

M.S. mano sinistra [It.]: left hand.

Obw Oberwerk [Ger.]: swell organ.

O.C. organo corale [It.]: choir organ.

O.E. organo espressivo [It.]: swell organ.

ord. ordinario.

O.W. Oberwerk [Ger.]: swell organ.

P 1. Pédales [Fr.]: pedals (in organ music). 2. Positif [Fr.]: choir organ.

p piano.

ped. 1. the sustaining pedal (in piano music). 2. pedals (in organ music).

pizz. pizzicato.

P.K. Pedalkoppel [Ger.]: pedal-coupler (organ music).

Pk. Pauken [Ger.]: kettledrums.

pos. 1. positif [Fr.]: choir organ. 2. posizione [It.], position [Fr.]: position (string music).

pp pianissimo.

P.R. positif-récit [Fr.]: swell to choir coupler (organ music).

Ps. Posaunen [Ger.]: trombones.

R. 1. right, e.g. R.H., right hand (piano music). 2. Responsorium (Gregorian chant). 3. ripieno (early orch music). 4. clavier de récit [Fr.]: swell organ. 5. ritardando, as found particularly in Elgar's scores.

rall. rallentando.

rf, rfz rinforzando.

R.H. right hand (in, e.g., piano music).

rit. ritardando, ritenuto.

ritmico Rhythmic.

rk. Rank: the mixture stops of an organ.

s. 1. segno, 2. sinistra, 3. subito.

SATB soprano, alto, tenor, bass; either a mixed chorus or 4 soloists.

sf, sfz sforzando, sforzato.

sforz. sforzando.

sfp sforzando followed immediately by piano.

sim. simile.

sin' sino.

smorz. smorzando.

sord. sordino.

sost. ped. Sostenuto pedal.

S.P. Sostenuto pedal.

spicc. spiccato.

stacc. staccato.

sul pont. sul ponticello.

tempo rubato Robbed time; a feature of performance in which strict time is temporarily disregarded.

ten. 1. tenor. 2. tenuto.

ThP. [Ger.] Tonhalte-Pedal: sostenuto pedal (in piano music).

tr 1. trill. 2. tremolo, tremolando. 3. trumpet.

trem. tremolo.

va viola.

vc violoncello.

vib. vibrato.

vl, vn violin.

V.S. (1) vocal score; (2) volti subito, turn over quickly.