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Social Discipline

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The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Reformation

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History, modern history (1700 to 1945), Religion
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...Geneva, the rate of illegitimacy was only 0. 1375 percent. From 1560 to 1569 , of 6,940 infants baptized, only eight were illegitimate. Similarly, prenuptial conceptions averaged 4 percent between 1550 and 1581 . To put these figures into perspective: in the Genevan countryside, where church discipline was not as effectively established, the percentage of couples who baptized a child within eight months of their wedding was ten times higher than in Geneva. And in neighboring Lausanne, also a Protestant city, 1.2 percent of baptisms were of illegitimate...

19th century

19th century: 1800 - 1900  

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...Cooper, James Fenimore (1789–1851) World Encyclopedia 1 Literature American literature Literature in English Fiction North America United States 1821 1821 French physicist Augustin Jean Fresnel publishes the theory that light is a transverse wave, thus explaining polarization effects Fresnel, Augustin Jean (1788–1827) World Encyclopedia 1 Science Physics Europe France 1821 1821 Carl Maria von Weber's opera Der Freischutz has its premiere in Berlin Weber, Carl Maria von (1786–1826) World Encyclopedia 1 Performing arts Music Opera Germany 1821 1821 San Martín...