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forbid > forbade > forbidden

forbid > forbade > forbidden   Reference library

Garner’s Modern English Usage (4 ed.)

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...: Stage 2 Current ratio ( he forbade it vs. ✳he forbid it ): 6:1 2. forbade mispronounced /fәr- bayd / : Stage 4 3. forbade misspelled ✳forebade : Stage 1 Current ratio: 563:1 B. Preposition with. In formal contexts, forbid traditionally takes the preposition to or, less formally, from . H.W. Fowler stated that forbid from doing is unidiomatic ( FMEU1 at 186), but it is increasingly common. In fact, it is probably more common today than forbid to do , but both forms appear frequently—e.g.: • “In exchange, the Government prohibits...