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Demetrius (20)

Of Troezen (probably 1st cent. ad), wrote works on literary history. The only known title is that of his work on philosophers, Against the Sophists. Athenaeus 1. 29a;Diogenes ...


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Fowler’s Dictionary of Modern English Usage (4 ed.)

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...use in the 16c. the phrase to make love (often followed by to ) meant simply ‘to pay amorous attention (to)’. At some point in the mid-20c. it came to have only the restricted and very precise meaning ‘to have sexual intercourse (with)’, and the older meaning was forced out. When reading 16-19c. literature one must simply bear in mind that making love means no more than ‘paying amorous attention’: e.g. Demetrius … Made loue to Nedars daughter— Shakespeare, 1590 ; ‘ who’s had the — impudence to make love to my sister! cried Harry— G. Meredith, 1861...