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Aemilius (RE 140) Scaurus (1), Marcus

Aemilius (RE 140) Scaurus (1), Marcus   Reference library

Ernst Badian

The Oxford Classical Dictionary (4 ed.)

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... ( RE 140) Scaurus (1), Marcus , of patrician, but recently impoverished and undistinguished family, according to Cicero had to work his way up like a novus homo . He amassed wealth (not always reputably), gained the support of the Caecilii Metelli, and became consul (with a Metellus) 115 bc , defeating P. Rutilius Rufus . As consul he humiliated the praetor P. Decius Subulo , triumphed over Ligurian tribesmen, and was made princeps senatus by the censors (one a Metellus) although probably not the senior patrician alive. He also began building a...