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Amplified RNA. See RNA amplification.

Social Interaction

Social Interaction   Reference library

Philip Jones, James N. Hoke, Karri L. Whipple, Gary Gilbert, and Kathleen Gallagher Elkins

The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Bible and Gender Studies

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Religion, Social sciences, Sociology
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...considerable emphasis on the value of charity, describing it as an act of righteousness, a form of expiation from sin, a religious duty greater than all sacrifices ( b. Sukkah 49a ; ARNA 4), equal to all other commandments ( y. Peʾah 1.1 [ 15b–c ]; b. B. Bat. 9a ), an antidote to death ( y. Peʾah 1.1 [ 15b ]; b. Roš. Haš. 18a; b. Sanh. 156b; b. B. Bat. 10a ; ARNA 3), and capable of bringing redemption nearer ( b. B. Bat. 10a ). The rabbis also prescribed that communities should establish regular programs or institutions, such as the tamhui , to...