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type batter

Damage or wear to type, resulting in a defective impression. Because each battered type creates a unique impression, Hinman, Blayney, and others have successfully used evidence from ...

Effects of Rapid Climate Change on Violence and Conflict

Effects of Rapid Climate Change on Violence and Conflict   Reference library

Courtney Plante, Johnie J. Allen, and Craig A. Anderson

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Climate Change Communication

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...researchers have capitalized on the abundance of professional sport data to show similar effects, as they did in one study comparing the frequency with which Major League Baseball pitchers struck the opposing team’s batter. Across thousands of games, researchers found that on hotter days, pitchers were significantly more likely to strike batters, even after statistically controlling for variables related to the pitcher’s control ( Reifman et al., 1991 ; Larrick et al., 2011 ). These studies showcase more than just the creativity of researchers; they also illustrate...

ocean-ridge geochemistry

ocean-ridge geochemistry   Reference library

The Oxford Companion to the Earth

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Science and technology, Earth Sciences and Geography
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...or subducts easily into the mantle during plate collisions. Continental crust, being less dense, floats on the underlying mantle rocks and is only rarely subducted. As a result, oceanic crust is produced and recycled at a rapid rate, whereas the continents, though repeatedly battered by collisions and rifting, remain. The oceanic crust is produced by volcanic processes along the globe-circling system of mid-ocean ridges (Fig. 1) and consists of three main layers. The topmost is sediment cover that thickens as ocean crust ages and spreads away from the axis...