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type batter

Damage or wear to type, resulting in a defective impression. Because each battered type creates a unique impression, Hinman, Blayney, and others have successfully used evidence from ...

Direct and Indirect Speech

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The Oxford Companion to the English Language (2 ed.)

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...walks along (italics not in the original have been added to mark the free direct speech): By Brady’s cottages a boy for the skins lolled, his bucket of offal linked, smoking a chewed fag butt. A smaller girl with scars of eczema on her forehead eyed him, listlessly holding her battered caskhoop. Tell him if he smokes he won’t grow . O let him! His life isn’t such a bed of roses! Waiting outside pubs to bring da home . Come home to ma, da . Slack hour : won’t be many there . He crossed Townsend street, passed the frowning face of Bethel. El, yes : house...


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Encyclopedia of Rhetoric

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11,654 words not is, because it is what is not, or that the unknown is known, because it is known to be unknown. In rhetoric, it is used to make the improbable appear probable, as, for example, if a weak man is accused of assaulting and battering a strong man, this is not probable, while if a strong man is accused of assaulting and battering a weak man, this also is not probable just because it was bound to appear probable. The art of Corax, Aristotle says, is composed of this topic. S olution ( lysis ). The final component of the inferential forms that constitute...