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A term for an institutionalized order or tradition (usually smārta in nature), marked by a guru-pupil lineage or paramparā. This may be traced back to an historical or mythical founder, or ...

India, Poetry of

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V. Dharwadker

The Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics (4 ed.)

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...subcontinent by the 16th c. Despite ling. diversity and local and regional variations, Bhakti poetry has common features across a dozen major langs. The movement involves several thousand poets, called bhaktas and sants , as well as many disparate “communities” or “paths” ( sampradayas, panthas ) focused variously on Viṣṇu and his avatars, Śiva, Devi (the universal goddess), or an undifferentiated godhead. In Bhakti poetry, which strongly parallels Christian mystical poetry in late med. and early mod. Europe, a poet expresses his or her intensely personal...