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post hoc ergo propter hoc

Subject: Philosophy

(Latin, after this, so because of this)

The fallacy of arguing that because one event happened after another, it happened because of it.


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Encyclopedia of Rhetoric

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...known as begging the question or circular reasoning ). Aristotle's Prior Analytics contains additional remarks, and in Rhetoric , Aristotle discusses a selection from the fallacies compiled in Sophistical Refutations , referring also to the fallacy now known as post hoc ergo propter hoc (“after this, therefore on account of this”). [ See Dialectic .] In Sophistical Refutations , Aristotle distinguishes thirteen different types of incorrect refutations and indicates how these false moves can be parried. He divides the dialectical fallacies into two...


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The Oxford Companion to the English Language (2 ed.)

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... Argumentum ad populum [Latin: argument directed at the people]. An appeal to popular opinion, bias, and inclination. (4) Non sequitur [Latin: it does not follow]. A statement in which the premisses of an argument do not lead to the conclusion provided. (5) Post hoc ergo propter hoc [Latin: after this therefore because of this]. Asserting that because A came before B, A caused B. ...