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perpendicular bisector

The perpendicular bisector of a line segment AB is the straight line perpendicular to AB through the midpoint of AB.

Moriarty, Biddy

Moriarty, Biddy   Reference library

Brewer's Dictionary of Irish Phrase & Fable

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...who plays truant.) O'Connell's exotic, geometric reponses finally silenced her: ‘Look at her, boys! There she stands – a convicted perpendicular in petticoats! There's contamination in her circumference, and she trembles with guilt down to the extremities of her corollaries. Ah, you're found out, you rectilineal antecedent, and equiangular old hag! 'Tis with the devil you will fly away, you porter-swiping similitude of the bisection of a vortex!’ Biddy sensibly reached for a saucepan and O'Connell and his friends made their excuses and...