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peace establishment

The authorized size, composition, and organization of a nation's armed forces in peacetime.

Oh What a Lovely War

Oh What a Lovely War  

A: Charles Chilton and Theatre Workshop under Joan Littlewood Pf: 1963, London Pb: 1965 G: Hist. drama in 2 acts; prose and songs S: Pierrot show portraying events in Europe, 1914–18 C: 11m, 4fThe ...
Oh What a Lovely War

Oh What a Lovely War (1963)   Quick reference

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...pleads for peace. Suicidal attacks are launched on the German lines. 1917 : still stalemate, as the battlefields become a sea of mud. 1918 : the warring nations all look forward to victory, and the soldiers advance, baa-ing like sheep. In this collectively devised piece, Joan Littlewood with her left-wing Theatre Workshop members created one of the most powerful commentaries on the First World War. By juxtaposing popular song with the horrors of war, the empty optimism of the leaders with mass slaughter, and the profits made by the Establishment with the...