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market clearing

The process of moving to a position where the quantity supplied is equal to the quantity demanded, or the assumption that economic forces always ensure the equality of supply and demand. ...


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The Oxford Reader's Companion to Dickens

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...the senses’ ( OT 21; see also 16). Pip complained that ‘the shameful place, being all asmear with filth and fat and blood and foam, seemed to stick to me’ ( GE 20). Passing allusions are made in Dickens's works to the Borough Market ( PP 10, 32), Clare Market ( PP 20), Fleet Market ( BR 8, 69), and Newgate Market ( BH 5). David Parker 9. Residential segregation. Contrary to a commonly held belief, classes and economic groups were not rigorously segregated in Victorian London. The physical shape of the city and the nature of its development in...