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This term ‘has acquired popularity with politicians as well as with lawyers. It is, however, used ambiguously to designate the suitability of a dispute for settlement, both as to law ... ...

Higher Education

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The New Oxford Companion to Economics in India (3 ed.)

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...right to interfere in admission policies and the fee structures of private professional institutions on the grounds that education, being a fundamental right, could not be the object of a profit-seeking activity. As a result, poor service in education was effectively not justiciable in consumer courts with the courts and the Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Practices Commission (MRTP) holding that education was not a service because the courts defined ‘service’ as covering only commercial transactions. More recently, there has been a distinct shift in the...

Water Supply, Sanitation, and the Environment

Water Supply, Sanitation, and the Environment   Reference library

N. Vijay Jagannathan

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Environmental Economics

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Social sciences, Economics, Environment
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...based on each country’s unique political, social, cultural, and economic processes. WSS stakeholders are several and with very differing interests and incentives that shape behaviors and values. The resultant behaviors dictate the extent to which water as a human right is justiciable or at least taken into serious consideration as an enforceable policy obligation. If political leaders are committed to ensure that water is a human right, the task of finding substantial resources will be visible as an urgent priority, along with policy reforms that ensure...