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bare life

Italian philosopher Giorgio Agamben's concept for life that has been exposed to what he terms the structure of exception that constitutes contemporary biopower. The term originates in ...



(Greek, love of knowledge or wisdom)The study of the most general and abstract features of the world and categories with which we think: mind, matter, reason, proof, truth, etc. In philosophy, the ...

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A Dictionary of Media and Communication (2 ed.)

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Media studies
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...literary language as language ‘made strange’ ( see defamiliarization ) and their model was poetry rather than prose. They were particularly interested in literary ‘devices’ such as rhyme, rhythm, metre, imagery, syntax , and narrative techniques—favouring writing which ‘laid bare’ its devices ( see foregrounding ). Formalism evolved into structuralism in the late 1920s and 1930s. 3. A term applied to the films of Sergei Eisenstein , Lev Kuleshov ( see Kuleshov effect ), and Dziga Vertov ( 1896–1954 ) in Russia in the 1920s. Their use of montage...