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Describing an agricultural system which combines horticulture and animals.


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History, Early Modern History (1500 to 1700)
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...The next most significant use was in weather forecasting: Almanacs regularly foretell the weather, sometimes day by day, and declare whether there will be good harvests of corn and wine. These were very significant matters in countries whose economies were all basically agrarian. Kepler published such astrological calendars, but was exceedingly sceptical about much of traditional astrology, as can be seen from his Latin tract on the subject ( 1601 ). The casting of horoscopes and the determination of auspicious or inauspicious hours (‘judicial...

Riots, Religious

Riots, Religious  

Urban and agrarian riots were a familiar pattern of European social behavior long before the Reformation. Many of these violent outbursts involved religion in one way or another, for socioeconomic ...