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academic monitoring

The process of observing students' academic progress in one or more subject over a period of time. It is used by teachers to compare the performance of a particular student to that of ...


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The Oxford Companion to the English Language (2 ed.)

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...and prescriptive connotations in bad usage, correct usage, usage and abusage , and usage controversies . History The first citation of the term usage in the OED in a linguistic sense is from daniel defoe in 1697 , referring to the proposed English Academy to monitor the language, on the model of the Académie française: ‘The voice of this society should be sufficient authority for the usage of words.’ Before the 17c, the concept of usage or custom in English was hardly known: individuals spoke and wrote largely as they wished, and each...

Women's education

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Brewer's Dictionary of Irish Phrase & Fable

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2011 . Until the establishment of the National schools system in 1831 , with its uniform curriculum and the opportunity for bright pupils to become monitors and assistant teachers, very little opportunity existed for the systematic education of women. Compulsory education, introduced in 1892 , also made a contribution. In the same year, the Queen's Colleges in Belfast, Cork and Galway began to admit women to all courses (the Dublin universities did not admit women until 1910 ), as a result of pressure exerted by a small number of feminists....