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St Hilary of Poitiers

Subject: Religion

(c.315–67/8), the foremost Latin theologian of his age. A convert from paganism, he was elected Bp. of Poitiers c.350. He became involved in the Arian disputes and, probably as ...

Te Deum laudamus

Te Deum laudamus   Reference library

Percy Scholes and Alex Lingas

The Oxford Companion to Music

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...expression of rejoicing in the Roman Catholic, Anglican, and other Christian Churches. The Roman Catholic Breviary calls it the canticle of Ambrose and Augustine , from the legend that at the baptism of Augustine by Ambrose it was sung in alternation, extempore, by the two saints. In fact it may have originated in the Gallican or Mozarabic liturgy ( see liturgy (2 a ) ), and its authorship has been put down to both Hilary , Bishop of Poitiers, in the 4th century and Hilary of Arles in the 5th; in either case it seems as though portions of an older hymn...