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Mineral, Cu2CO3(OH)2; sp. gr. 3.9–4.0; hardness 3.5–4.0; monoclinic; bright green; pale green streak; in fibrous condition with a silky lustre, crystals with adamantine or vitreous lustre; crystals ...


Any device capable of carrying out a sequence of operations in a defined manner. The definition of the operations is called the program. An analog computer performs computations by manipulating ...

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Bernice Kliman and Erin Sullivan

The Oxford Companion to Shakespeare (2 ed.)

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...A 1998 episode of the American series Mystery Science Theatre 3000 showcases Peter Wirth’s Hamlet , starring Maximilian Schell. While the black and white production unfolds with its dubbed-in English, the serial’s characters, a human and two robotic friends, make snide remarks. Imagine that! A 40-year-old German Hamlet for television making an almost full-length appearance (80 minutes of the original 127) on a cult comedy sci-fi show. Shakespeare appears everywhere on TV (accounting for perhaps 0.01% of allusions); and with Shakespeare more available...