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(fl. 399–401?), commonly called the Syrian, author of a Liber de Fide, described in the only known MS as the work of Rufinus, priest of the province of Palestine. The fact that ...


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...the harbors of Scythia and Moesia Secunda. The rebels camped at Sosthenium, north of the Theodosian Great Wall of Constantinople. After eight days, Vitalian accepted a truce. He was appointed magister militum per Thraciam , but he later resumed the fight when he was replaced by Rufinus. In the third offensive (autumn of 515 ), the field army of the rebels started a new siege near the capital at Sycae (Galata). However, the entire fleet was burned at the mouth of Golden Horn with a new weapon, the first form of the Greek fire, launched by the troops of Marinus,...