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Richard Theodore Ely

Subject: Philosophy


Richard T. Ely was born on 13 April 1854 in Ripley, New York, and died on 4 October 1943 in Old Lyme, Connecticut. He grew up in Fredonia in ...

Belief Systems

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Encyclopedia of Global Change

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...among them the phenomenally successful, though critically battered, The Greening of America ( 1969 ), by Charles A. Reich , and The Making of a Counter Culture ( 1969 ), by Theodore Roszak . Both were studies of youth as revolutionaries overturning the mechanistic, technocratic world, but both had environmental implications. A few years later, Roszak contributed the foreword to E. F. Schumacher 's Small Is Beautiful: Economics As If People Mattered ( 1973 ), another publishing sensation, which in its advocacy of “intermediate technology” suggested that...

Climate Change Conspiracy Theories

Climate Change Conspiracy Theories   Reference library

Joseph E. Uscinski, Karen Douglas, and Stephan Lewandowsky

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Climate Change Communication

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2018 the United States (think, for example, Theodore Roosevelt’s role in conservation or Richard Nixon’s role in creating the Environmental Protection Agency) ( Dunlap & McCright, 2008 ). This began to change in the 1970s and more noticeably in the mid-1990s when opinions both in Congress and in the public began to polarize along party lines ( Brulle et al., 2012 ; Dunlap, Xiao, & McCright, 2001 ; Hetherington, 2001 ; Shipan & Lowry, 2001 ). Historically, many issues in American politics have polarized over time (e.g., Carmines & Stimson, 1989 ); however...