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Peloponnesian League

The earliest known and longest‐lasting Greek offensive and defensive alliance. The name is modern and inaccurate, since the alliance was neither all‐ and only Peloponnesian nor a league ...


War: c. 8000 BCE - 2011  

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...Simmering hostilities between the allies of Sparta and Athens develop into endemic conflict among the Greek city states of the Peloponnese Peloponne'sian War, First The Oxford Companion to Classical Literature 3 5th century BCE Peloponnesian Wars Ancient Athens Europe Greece Wars and Revolutions 460 BCE 460 BCE Forces of the Delian League assist the Egyptians in a successful revolt against their Persian rulers Delian League A Dictionary of World History 2 5th century BCE Greco-Persian Wars Politics Protest and rebellion Africa North Africa Egypt Wars and...