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Peloponnesian League

The earliest known and longest‐lasting Greek offensive and defensive alliance. The name is modern and inaccurate, since the alliance was neither all‐ and only Peloponnesian nor a league ...

Israel among the Nations: The Persian Period

Israel among the Nations: The Persian Period   Reference library

Mary Joan Winn Leith

Oxford History of the Biblical World

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Oxford University Press

...on Delian League tribute lists for 454 is the coastal city of Dor just south of the Carmel range, then the Greeks had gained a strategic foothold on Palestinian soil. The participation of the Greeks in the Egyptian revolt of 460 has been described as the most serious challenge to imperial control the Persians faced in the fifth century. Megabyzus, satrap of Abar Nahara, led Artaxerxes I's forces to eventual victory in Egypt. With substantial help from Phoenician ships the Persian navy obliterated the fleet of the Delian League led by Athens...

Genocide and Religion in Times of War

Genocide and Religion in Times of War   Reference library

Manus I. Midlarsky

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Politics and Religion

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...(2000). From voting to violence: Democratization and nationalist conflict . New York, NY: Norton. Straus, S. (2015). Making and unmaking nations: War, leadership, and genocide in modern Africa . Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press. Thucydides . (1954). History of the Peloponnesian War (rev. ed.). Baltimore, MD: Penguin. Tocqueville, A. (1955). The old régime and the French Revolution ( S. Gilbert , Trans.). Garden City, NY: Doubleday. Toft, M. D. (2007). Getting religion? The puzzling case of Islam and civil war. International Security , 31 (4)...