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1820–1910), French photographer, and a central figure in the extraordinary expansion of photography in the mid‐19th century. An exact contemporary of Charles Nègre and Gustave Le ...

Oaths and Vows

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Andrew R. Davis

The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Bible and Law

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...the particle ʾim or kî (or kî ʾim ), but these particles are not connected syntactically to the preceding formula. The standard Hebrew word for “vow” is neder , and the act of making a vow is usually expressed in Hebrew as a cognate accusative, that is, “to vow a vow” ( nādar neder ). The fulfillment of vows involves a greater variety of verbs, including šillēm (“to fulfill”), ʿāśâ (“to carry out”), hēqîm (“to be valid”), and pillēʾ (“to express”). Because vows are conditional promises contingent on divine action, they consist of a conditional...