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Joking Apart

A: Alan Ayckbourn Pf: 1978, Scarborough Pb: 1979 G: Com. in ...

Feynman, Richard

Feynman, Richard (1918–1988)   Reference library

David Kaiser

The Oxford Encyclopedia of the History of American Science, Medicine, and Technology

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2015 quantum theory, nuclear physics, condensed-matter physics, and gravitation, Feynman also became a celebrated teacher and popular author. His three-volume Feynman Lectures on Physics ( 1964 ) remains a pedagogical classic, and his autobiographical essays—“ Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman! ” ( 1985 ) and “ What Do You Care What Other People Think? ” ( 1988 )—became best sellers. Late in life, Feynman made headlines when he served on the official investigating commission into the 1986 Challenger space shuttle explosion. His most memorable...


Dinosaurs   Reference library

Magic Universe: A Grand Tour of Modern Science

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Science and technology, History of Science
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...reptiles of a raptorial persuasion, although we more often call them birds. That they are dinosaurs in a new incarnation was fairly obvious to many experts for more than a century. The idea of farmyard chickens being related to the fearsome Tyrannosaurus rex seems like a joke at first, until you remember that the tyrannosaurs ran about on two legs, as birds do, after hatching out of giant chicken's eggs. And the superficial similarities are plainer still when you compare some of the raptors—small, fast-running dinosaurs—with flightless birds like...