Johann Gutenberg

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(c.1396–1468), inventor of printing. He was a native of Mainz. In 1448 he borrowed money, probably for developing his printing process. He printed the Mazarin Bible (q.v.) and ...


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...studies. Houston, Robert Allan . Literacy in Early Modern Europe: Culture and Education, 1500–1800 . London: Longman, 1988. Survey of early modern period, integrating secondary literatures for all European states. Lebrun, Francois , Marc Venard , and Jean Quéniart . “De Gutenberg aux lumières.” In Histoire générale de l'enseignement et de l'éducation en France , edited by Louis Henri-Parias , chap. 2. Paris: Nouvelle Librarie de France, 1981. Best survey of French scholarship for the period. Maynes, Mary Jo . Schooling in Western Europe: A Social...


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2012 with Unsafe at Any Speed , attacking the US automobile industry Nader, Ralph (1934) World Encyclopedia 1 20th century Social and domestic Society North America United States 1965 1965 18-year-old Dutch footballer Johann Cruyff joins Ajax, the club with which he will be associated in numerous successes Cruyff, Johann (1947– ) Who's Who in the Twentieth Century 1 20th century Sports and games Europe Netherlands Society 1965 1965 18-year-old Austrian body-builder Arnold Schwarzenegger becomes Junior Mr Europe (on his way to Mr World and Mr...