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Islamic fundamentalism

A disputed term, widely used in the US and to a lesser extent in Britain to denote any movement to favour strict observance of the teachings of the Qur'an and the Shari'a (Islamic Law). On ...

Mysticism and myth

Mysticism and myth   Reference library

The Oxford Companion to World Mythology

...God in En Sof (“Endless”). And the God of the Islamic Sufis is not much different. Mystics have traditionally worked from established traditions. They have used Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Daoism , Shinto , and so-called pagan systems as vehicles to move toward a center, to which they have applied many terms. Mysticism is frequently undermined by the dominant forces within established religions. Exclusivity, hierarchy, competition, the conquering hero, and especially fundamentalism do not mix well with the inner path. Mystics have...

Christian mythology

Christian mythology   Reference library

The Oxford Companion to World Mythology

...Land” beyond the Hebrew race, Jewish religion, or land of Canaan to the world at large. To the extent that the religion has insisted over the centuries that its way is the only way and that its myths are literal truth, it has developed a militancy and a tendency toward fundamentalism that has often placed it at odds with the actual teachings of its de facto founder by instigating or supporting violence, abuse, and repression. Although the early Christians, given their Jewish roots, incorporated the Genesis creation into their mythology, they were also...

New mythology

New mythology   Reference library

The Oxford Companion to World Mythology

...and denials of religious fundamentalism, as the human race has evolved, so has its understanding of creation. The understanding of creation has generally followed the conception of divinity. It is logical enough, therefore, that ancient agricultural societies envisioned a female Earth giving birth to life through fertilization by a male Sun . Later war-driven societies would just as logically have understood creation as the ex nihilo work of the given dominant divine warrior or supreme being while the Greek philosophers, Islamic faylusufs , and ...