Diane de Poitiers

Subject: History

 (1499–1566) French royal mistress during Henri II’s reign (1547–59), daughter of the comte de Saint-Vallier, himself a bibliophile. Her library remained with the Vendôme family ...


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...Day 1973  Blair Lent, The Funny Little Woman, text retold by Arlene Mosel 1974  Margot Zemach, Duffy and the Devil , text by Harve Zemach 1975  Gerald McDermott, Arrow to the Sun: A Pueblo Indian Tale 1976  Leo and Diane Dillon, Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People’s Ears: A West African Tale, text retold by Verna Aardema 1977  Leo and Diane Dillon, Ashanti to Zulu: African Traditions , text by Margaret Musgrove 1978  Peter Spier, Noah’s Ark 1979  Paul Goble, The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses 1980  Barbara Cooney, Ox-Cart Man , text by Donald Hall 1981 ...