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Alexander the Great

[Na] Leader of the Macedonians. Born in 356 bc, Alexander was tutored in his early years by Aristotle before succeeding his father Philip as king of Macedonia and the mainland of ...


Physics: c. 13.7 billion years ago - 2010  

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...of the potential of an atomic bomb Einstein, Albert (1879–1955) A Dictionary of World History 2 1930s Second World War 20th century Science War Weapons Wars since 1900 North America United States 1940 1940 Radar masts along the coasts of Britain give early warning of German air attacks Watson-Watt, Sir Robert Alexander (1892–1973) Who's Who in the Twentieth Century 1 1940s 20th century Science Great Britain - from 1707 United Kingdom - from 1801 British Isles Europe Britain 1942 1942 June - US physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer is appointed director of the...