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The Oxford Encyclopedia of Maritime History

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..., or from Fiji and Samoa , to as far as Tahiti and on to the Tuamotus. By the time Cook arrived in Tahiti in 1770 , at least thirty cultivated plant varieties, including all those useful for boat building, had been carried from Asia, together with pigs, chickens, dogs, and rats. From South America , the bottle gourd, banana, coconut, pineapple, sweet potato, cotton, capsicum, and manioc had been carried to Easter Island before 1700 . Traditional Pacific rigs do not have a rigid mast set in a thwart, but to trim the boat and steer, the mast is tilted...

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...History 1 1940s Politics Protest and rebellion North America Canada 1948 1948 Daniel Malan moves swiftly to reinforce apartheid, South Africa's already existing system of racial segregation apartheid The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Politics 3 1940s Politics Persecution and repression Social and domestic Africa South Africa South Africa (republic) Society c. 1948 1948 US psychologist B.F. Skinner trains laboratory rats to use their brains in his 'Skinner box' Skinner box The Oxford Companion to the Mind 2 1940s Science Life sciences North America United...