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Gurzil Dispels the Darkness

Subject: Religion

(Libya) Gurzil, the sun god, was worshiped among the Huwwara of Tripolitania well into the eleventh century, long after the Arab conquest. This deity was a protector, a guide, ...

step-recovery diode

step-recovery diode   Quick reference

A Dictionary of Electronics and Electrical Engineering (5 ed.)

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...and are immediately available for conduction when reverse bias is applied. When the diode is switched from forward to reverse bias the diode conducts in the reverse direction for a short time interval then the current is abruptly cut off when all the stored charges have been dispelled. The diode therefore remains in a low-impedance state until the cut-off occurs. The reverse voltage then builds up rapidly at a rate determined by the reverse junction capacitance and the external circuit. The cut-off occurs in the range of picoseconds and results in a...