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Gurzil Dispels the Darkness

Subject: Religion

(Libya) Gurzil, the sun god, was worshiped among the Huwwara of Tripolitania well into the eleventh century, long after the Arab conquest. This deity was a protector, a guide, ...

Sorcery Shop, The: An Impossible Romance

Sorcery Shop, The: An Impossible Romance (1907)   Reference library

The Oxford Companion to Edwardian Fiction

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...Shop, The: An Impossible Romance , Robert Blatchford , 1907 , Clarion Press. In his ‘Author's Note’, Blatchford discusses some of the minor difficulties attending utopian romance (details of architecture, technology and costume) and then goes on to state that his purpose is ‘to dispel ignorance and diffuse knowledge’. The romance begins in the smoking-room of the Directorate Club, otherwise known as ‘Guinea Pigs’, where Major-General Sir Frederick Manningtree Storm, Conservative MP for South Loomshire, and Mr Samuel Jorkle, Liberal MP for Shantytown East,...


Poetry   Reference library

The Oxford Companion to Twentieth-Century Literature in English

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...patriotic intentions of dedicating the magazine to ‘the imaginative life of the nation’. Until the end of her editorship in 1935 Poetry was primarily concerned with the work of American poets; Wallace Stevens , Marianne Moore , and W. C. Williams were among those who dispelled the mediocrity which occasionally prevailed. Monroe's successors include Karl Shapiro , who edited Poetry from 1950 to 1955 . It continues to appear, its contributors having included almost every American poet of note and many European, Israeli, and dissident Russian...