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Modern Legal Traditions

Modern Legal Traditions   Reference library

M. Christian Green, Benny Tai, Norman Doe, Rafael D. García Pérez, and Robert F. Cochran Jr.

The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Bible and Law

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Religion, Law
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...of European legal culture, this meant that the legal order of Castile was extended to the Americas. This included its civil and canon ius commune (common law), and the Castilian ius proprium (proper law), represented chiefly by the Siete Partidas (Seven-part Code) of Alfonso X of Castile (thirteenth century). In America a pluralistic legal culture thus came into being, produced by the confluence of the ius commune and the law of Castile with the indigenous legal traditions ( Barrientos, 2000 , pp. 53–137). In this sense, for these three centuries the...