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Gurzil Dispels the Darkness

Subject: Religion

(Libya) Gurzil, the sun god, was worshiped among the Huwwara of Tripolitania well into the eleventh century, long after the Arab conquest. This deity was a protector, a guide, ...

Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet   Reference library

Michael Dobson, Anthony Davies, and Will Sharpe

The Oxford Companion to Shakespeare (2 ed.)

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Subject Reference
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Literature, Shakespeare studies and criticism, Performing arts, Theatre
4,098 words
Oxford University Press

...for Mantua before the setting of the Watch. 3.4 Capulet agrees with his wife and Paris that Juliet shall marry Paris the following Thursday. 3.5 Early the following morning Romeo reluctantly parts from Juliet, descending from her window. Her mother brings Juliet the news that, to dispel the sorrow they attribute to Tybalt’s death, she is to marry Paris: Capulet arrives and, angry at Juliet’s refusal, threatens to disown her unless she agrees to the match. After her parents’ departure, the Nurse advises Juliet to marry Paris. Juliet feigns to agree, but resolves...