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Kuleshov effect

1. (film) Any montage sequence in which the relationship of two adjacent shots appears to be particularly meaningful. In what has come to be referred to as the Kuleshov (or ...

dialectical montage

dialectical montage n.   Quick reference

A Dictionary of Psychology (4 ed.)

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...montage n. A term introduced by the Russian film-maker and editing theorist Lev Kuleshov ( 1899–1970 ) for a type of context effect that enables an actor in a film or motion picture in certain circumstances to convey emotion without expressing it. In 1922 Kuleshov carried out an experiment in which the famous Russian actor Ivan Mozhukhin ( 1889–1939 ) posed with a neutral facial expression for several seconds, and a close-up shot of his face was intercut with shots of a bowl of soup, a woman in a coffin, and a child playing with a toy....