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Arabic word for dome. In commemorative architecture, qubba often refers to a domed mausoleum that usually contains the grave of a saint, a pious man, or an emir. In the ...

Modern Islamic Philosophy

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The Biographical Encyclopaedia of Islamic Philosophy

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...this thread and claims that philosophy will only regain its authenticity when it establishes links again with this traditional form of thought. Further Reading ‘Abdu, M. , Risalat al-tawhid , Cairo: Dar al-manar, 1963. ———, Al-Islam din al-‘ilm wa'l-madaniya , Cairo: Dar Qubba, 1963. ‘Abd al-Raziq , Al-Islam wa usul al-hukm (Islam and the Principles of Government), Beirut: Maktabat al-hayat, 1966. al-Afghani , Al-Radd ‘ala'l-dahriyin (The Refutation of the Materialists), in A‘mal al-kamila (Complete Works) ed. M. ‘Imara , Beirut: Mu'assat...