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John Thorpe

(c. 1565–c.1655). English land-and building-surveyor, who also appears to have designed (though rarely supervised) buildings. He produced a book of plans (preserved in Sir John ...

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Chris Scarre, Richard Bradley, Joshua Pollard, David J. Mattingly, Catherine Hills, Lloyd Laing, Richard A. Hall, Ken Dark, Matthew H. Johnson, and R. Angus Buchanan

The Oxford Companion To Archaeology (2 ed.)

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...in Wessex, the last stronghold of English power, the Viking army settled in Yorkshire, the east Midlands, and East Anglia from 876 to 880. This area became known as “the Danelaw,” where the Danes’ law held sway. Place-names with Scandinavian elements—for example, - by and - thorpe , and personal-name elements like the Grim in Grimston —confirm the ultimate linguistic impact of this settlement, although the number of settlers involved has been hotly disputed. As yet, there is very little archaeological evidence for these rural settlements. Viking graves...