September 2013

This September 2013 release updates and expands Oxford Quick Reference collection’s geology, conservation, political biography, and internet content with four up to date new editions, plus three new titles on human geography, mechanical engineering, and anaesthesia. In addition, two brand new Oxford Reference Library titles are now available for purchase, dealing with the Bible and archaeology, and American business and economic history.

New Oxford Quick Reference titles for September 2013

New Oxford Reference Library titles for September 2013

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Feature Articles

  • The Normans at Our Table: John Ayto, author of the second edition of The Diner’s Dictionary, talks about the Normans rerouting of the English language, and particularly of its vocabulary.
  • Brevity is the soul of lit: Dinah Birch and Katy Hooper, editors of The Concise Oxford Companion to English Literature, look at answering the question of how you choose what is likely to accompany readers into the new century, for short entries displaying neatly on ipads and tablets and ereaders, or even on Google Glass?
  • What's in a name?: Michael Allaby, Editor of the Oxford Dictionary of Plant Sciences, explores the need for a classificatory system and looks at answering the question 'what's in a name?'.

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