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The Overview

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There is an Overview page for every unique sense of a term (or topic) in OR. They provide free navigational guides to a topic and contain a heading, a short definition from an OR entry, and links to a selection of other OR entries on that topic and to related topics. Overview pages are free to view and provide gateways to our content by giving users a quick guide around the available OR content on a particular topic.

The page consists of a small introductory snippet of text defining the Overview term. If the text is from a Quick Reference book, the whole entry is given. There are links to the book from which it is taken, and the subject(s) under which the entry is categorized.

Links to related content in Oxford Reference is shown below. If there are more than can be displayed on screen at once, click View all reference entries >> to view them.

View all related items in Oxford Reference >> displays all entries that are related to the Overview topic in Oxford Reference in a results list

Search for… in Oxford Reference >> runs a Quick search for the Overview title and displays the matching entries in a results list.

Links to related content

Links to related content are displayed on the left.

links to related content list

Related Overviews

Lists Overview pages on related subjects. Click on any to display it. Click See all related overviews in Oxford Reference>> to see the full list.

Can also refer to ...

Disambiguates other meanings of this term. Click on any to display its Overview.

More like this

Click go button to view all the Overviews listed under the same subject category(ies). They are displayed as a results list.

Outputting information

Printing an Overview

To print the current Overview, click print button. A printable version is displayed in your browser which can then be printed or saved.

Saving an Overview

To save the current Overview, click save button, and follow the instructions given.

Citing an Overview

Click cite button to display a page containing a citation to the current entry. You can choose from the formats: MLA, APA, and Chicago. The citations can be copied and pasted directly into academic work.

You may export citations to personal citation management programs in the following formats: EndNote, ProCite, ReferenceManager, RefWorks, BibTex, and Zotero.

Sending an email link

To send an email link of the current Overview, click email button. Fill in the details as appropriate. The email will contain a link to the current Overview.

Social bookmarking

To share a link to the current Overview on a social bookmarking site (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Googlemail, etc.), click add button and choose one of the options.

Changing text size

To switch between standard (default) and large text use the text size button buttons.


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