May 2014

Unveiling our new subject-based content releases for Oxford Quick Reference and Oxford Reference Premium!

Starting this month, each Oxford Quick Reference content release will now focus on expanding and updating our content in one or two core subjects, and we are proud to announce our first subject-focused release – on Life Sciences within the core subject of Science and Technology (see below).

As well as this subject-focused updating, there will of course continue to be plenty of new and updated content across the other subject areas in both our releases and monthly updates (see below).

New subject pages!

In order to support this new updating strategy, we have created new subject pages that provide an overview of each core subject discipline, link to all the relevant titles in Oxford Reference, offer selected free content, and highlight the authoritative experts who create and maintain all our content. See for example the Science and Technology subject page

In addition, we have improved our subject browse pages to showcase the titles in each core subject discipline and provide a link back to their Subject Home Pages e.g. the Science and Technology browse page

May 2014 Content Release – Life Sciences, in Science and Technology

Our first subject release focuses on Life Sciences, with two fully revised and updated NEW EDITIONS:


Life Sciences entries across Oxford Quick Reference have been checked and updated where necessary.

Also, NEW QUOTATIONS covering Life Sciences have been added to the freely available Oxford Essential Quotations in the following subject areas amongst many others:

Visit the Science and Technology NEW SUBJECT PAGE for a fascinating Q&A with Michael Allaby, editor of A Dictionary of Zoology.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

More new content in May 2014

In addition to the new Life Sciences content above, we are also pleased to announce the following new editions have been added to Oxford Quick Reference in this May 2014 release:

The following new title has also been added:

There have also been significant updates to our core English dictionaries – Oxford Dictionary of English, and New Oxford American Dictionary.

Oxford Quick Reference: All-Subject Monthly Updating program

In addition to the new titles and editions included in our releases, over 100 entries in Oxford Quick Reference are updated each and every month to reflect key factual changes in the world, across all subject areas. Since the last Oxford Quick Reference content release in January 2014, over 500 entries have been updated in our monthly updates to ensure the Quick Reference content in Oxford Reference is as up-to-date and trustworthy as possible.

New Oxford Reference Library Titles

The following first editions have also been added to Oxford Reference Library as part of this May update, available through institution title-by-title perpetual access. Reference Library titles are released as soon as they are available.

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