March 2014

This month's update to Reference Library includes the 5th edition of the Oxford Dictionary of Humorous Quotations. Now under the editorship of writer and broadcaster Gyles Brandreth, the new edition contains over 1,000 new wisecracks, one-liners, snappy comebacks, and punchlines. Available for purchase by institutions only.

New Oxford Reference Library edition: March 2014

Additionally, as part of the monthly updating program on Oxford Quick Reference, corrections relating to death dates and accurate web links were made to 82 entries across 18 Quick Reference titles. Many of these updates occurred within Dictionary of Biology and the Dictionary of Modern and Contemporary Art



Social Work Month 2014

In recognition of the astounding contributions made by more than 600,000 Social Workers in America, the National Association of Social Workers proclaims the month of March to be National Social Work Month in the United States. Join Oxford University Press and the NASW in celebrating the social work profession by recognizing the values embodied in this year's theme: All People Matter.

For more information on the National Association of Social Workers or the Social Workers' Code of Ethics, please follow the links for free articles from Encyclopedia of Social Work 20th Edition, available in the Reference Library collection.

>  Freely Available Entries For Social Work Month 2014

Theories of Aging
Safeguarding Adults
Welfare State
Domestic Violence
Special Education Needs
Community Care Reforms
International Federation of Social Workers
Welfare of Older People, Power to Promote

 **For a full list of Oxford's unlocked online articles and entries, please visit the Social Work Month page on OUP.com.


From The Dictionary of Social
Work and Social Care 

Edited by John Harris
and Vicky White

Available in the Quick Reference Collection