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Useful Weblinks

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Oxford Dictionary of National Biography homepage (subscription).

British History
The Oxford Companion to British History online (subscription).

Cornwall, duchy
Official web site with good historical account.

Descriptions of individual coronations, including Elizabeth I and Victoria.

A guide to this important kingdom.

Official site, including royal family tree and information on the crown jewels.

Norman Conquest
Information on the background events leading up to the battle of Hastings.

A long and unusually detailed account, including section on Bede and the Golden Age.

A guide to all the UK's royal palaces.

An overview of the Tudor reformation.

Royal history
Useful genealogical material and includes other powerful figures.

Rulers of Britain
Brief references to all the rulers, making a good starting-point.

St. Paul's Cathedral
Homepage of St. Paul's Cathedral

Scottish Wars of Independence
The story of William Wallace and Robert the Bruce.

Tower of London
Homepage of the Tower of London.

A well-arranged website with themes on Ireland, Humanism and the Spanish Armada.

Viking York
A brief introduction to the astonishing museum at Coppergate.

Wessex, kingdom of
Biographies of important rulers of this nucleus kingdom of England.

Westminster Abbey
The official site for Britain's most famous church, home to numerous royal ceremonies.