January 2013

The Oxford Companion to Food (2 ed.) is among 6 new titles added to the Oxford Reference Library in the January release. This release also sees over 300 new entries added to A Dictionary of Abbreviations expanding the economics content, and new functionality to help make your user experience even better.

New Oxford Reference Library titles:

View the latest title list and download the latest MARC records.

New Functionality:

  • Libraries are now able to restrict search and browse results to full-text content only. Please contact our Customer Services team to request your account preference be changed to have the 'Show full text results only' filter checked by default.
  • Annotation functionality: Select text to highlight and annotate with your own notes. This feature is activated by signing in to your 'My Work' account where your annotations can be stored and managed
  • Oxford Dictionaries Online widget: Double click a word and see the free definition in Oxford Dictionaries Online
  • Leave Feedback: You can now leave feedback about how useful you found entries in Oxford Reference using the box at the bottom of each entry

Also, read the latest Feature Article Love birds and yarrow by Jacqueline Simpson and Steve Roud, authors of A Dictionary of English Folklore, who are exploring the fascinating history of the Valentine celebration of anonymous declarations of love.