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Web links

Here is a list of recommended web links, arranged alphabetically by the relevant dictionary entries:


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Achcar, Dalal
Official website for Achcar

Acogny, Germaine
Website for the company Jant-Bi

Acosta, Carlos
Website for Carlos Acosta

Adams, John
Website for John Adams.

Ahn Ae-soon
Website for Ahn Ae-soon

Ahonen, Leo
Website for Ahonen and Arvola

Ailey, Alvin
Website for the Ailey company

Alston, Richard
Website for the Place Theatre, with link to Alston's company

Amagatsu, Ushio
Website for Sankai Juku

American Ballet Theatre
Website for American Ballet Theatre

Anastos, Peter
Website for Idaho Ballet

Anderson, Laurie
Anderson's official website

Anderson, Lea
Website for Cholmondeleys and Featherstonehaughs

Arc Dance Company
Kim Brandstrup's website.

archives and museums
Website for Victoria and Albert museum with link to the dance collection
Website for Paris Opera with link to museum
Website for Swedish Dance Museum
Website for New York Public Library with link to performing arts archives
Website for La Scala with link to museum
Website for Goethe Institute with information on German archives
Website for Surrey University with link to NRCD
Website for Mariinsky with link to museum
Website listing Russia's cultural museums and archives

Armitage, Karole
Website for the Karole Armitage company

Ashton, (Sir) Frederick
Website listing all of Ashton's work

Website for Aterballetto

Atlanta Ballet
Website for Atlanta Ballet

Website for Australia Dancing, a database for Australian dance institutions and personalities

Australian Ballet
Website for Australian ballet

Australian Dance Theatre
Website for Australian Dance Theatre


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Balanchine, George
Balanchine Foundation
Balanchine Trust

Baldwin, Mark
Website for Rambert with information on Baldwin

Ballet Boyz
Company website for Ballet Boyz

Ballet du Nord
Website for the National Choreographic Centre of Roubaix

Ballet du Rhin
Website for the opera company with link to the Ballet du Rhin

Ballet Folklórico de México
Website of the Ballet Folklórico de México

Ballet Hispanico
Website for the Ballet Hispanico

Ballet National de Marseilles
Official website for Ballet National de Marseilles

Ballets Africains, Les
Company website for Les Ballets Africains

Ballets de Monte Carlo
Company website for the Ballets de Monte Carlo

Ballets Trockadero
Company website for the Ballets Trockadero

Ballet West
Ballet West company website

Bangarra Dance Theatre
Website for Bangarra Dance Theatre

Baryshnikov, Mikhail
Website for the Baryshnikov dance foundation with link to the BAC

Batsheva Dance Company
Website of Batsheva Dance Company

Bausch, Pina
Website for the Wuppertal company

Bavarian State Ballet
Website for the Bavarian State Ballet

Béjart, Maurice
Website for Béjart Ballet Lausanne

Website for De Munt/Monniae
Website for Rosas and P.A.R.T.S.

Berlin State Ballet
Website for State Opera with link to the State Ballet

Biagi, Vittorio
Official website for Vittorio Biagi

Birmingham Royal Ballet
BRB company website

Bocca, Julio
Website for Ballet Argentino and the Julio Bocca Foundation

Bolshoi Ballet
The Bolshoi Theatre website, with a link to the ballet company

Bonachela, Rafael
Website for the Bonachela company

Bonnefoux, Jean-Pierre
Website for Charlotte Ballet.

Boston Ballet
Boston Ballet website

Bourne, Matthew
Website for New Adventures

Brandstrup, Kim
Official website for Kim Brandstrup

Website for the Teatro Municipal de Rio de Janeiro with link to the ballet company
Website for Dalal Achcar

Brown, Trisha
Website for the Trisha Brown company

Brumachon, Claude
Website for CCN de Nantes and the Brumachon company


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Cape Town City Ballet
Website for Cape Town City Ballet

Childs, Lucinda
Website for the Lucinda Childs foundation

University of Chile website with link to National Ballet of Chile
Website for Santiago Ballet

Cincinnati Ballet
Website for the Cincinnati Ballet

Clark, Michael
Website for the Michael Clark company

Compañia Nacional de Danza
Website for Compañia Nacional de Danza

Cooper, Adam
Adam Cooper website

Cullberg Ballet, The
Website for The Cullberg Ballet

Cunningham, Merce
Website for the Cunningham company and foundation


D  Top

Dance Books
Official website for Dance Books

Dance Magazine
Official website for Dance Magazine

Official website for Dancemakers

dance notation
Website for information about Dance Notation

Dance Theatre Journal
Website for Laban Centre with link to DTJ.

Dancing Times
Website for Dancing Times

Davis, Chuck
Website for the African American Dance Ensemble

Decouflé, Philippe
Website for Company DCA

Website for Diversions

Dorfman, David
Website for David Dorfman company

Dror, Liat
Website for the Dror and Ben-Gal company

Duato, Nacho
Website for the Compañía Nacional de Danza

Duncan, Isadora
Website for the Isadora Duncan Dance Foundation
Website for the Isadora Duncan Institute

Dunn, Douglas
Website for the Douglas Dunn company

Dutch National Ballet
Website for the Dutch National Ballet

DV8 Physical Theatre
DV8 Website


E  Top

Earle, David
Website for Toronto Dance Theatre

Website for Cairo Opera Ballet

Eifman, Boris
Website with link to Eifman

Eiko and Koma
Website for Eiko and Koma

Electric Boogaloos
Website for the Electric Boogaloos

Elkins, Doug
Official website for Doug Elkins

English Folk Dance and Song Society, The
Website for The English Folk Dance and Song Society

English National Ballet
Website for English National Ballet

Website for the Estonian Ballet


F  Top

Fabulous Beast Dance Theatre
Company website for FBDT

Fagan, Garth
The Fagan company website

Farrell, Suzanne
Home website for the Kennedy Center with link to The Suzanne Farrell Ballet

Feld, Eliot
Website for the Feld company

Fenley Molissa
Link to Fenley's website

Finnish National Ballet
Website for the Finnish Opera House with link to the Finnish National Ballet

Flamand, Frédéric
Website for Ballet National de Marseille

Online flamenco magazine
Website dedicated to flamenco

Flatley, Michael
Flatley's official website

Folkwang Ballet Essen
Website for the Folkwang Ballet Essen company and school

Forsythe, William
Website for the Forsythe company


G  Top

German State Opera Ballet
Website for State Opera with link to the State Ballet

Gielgud, Maina
Maina Gielgud's website

Gillis, Margie
Website for Margie Gillis

Glover, Savion
Website for Savion Glover

Graham, Martha
Website for the Martha Graham company and school

Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal, Les
Website for Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal

Greco, Emio
Website with link to Emio Greco|PC

Guangdong Modern Dance Company
Website for the Guangdong company

Guillem, Sylvie
Sylvie Guillem's website

Gyor Ballet
Website for the Gyor Ballet


H  Top

H.Art Chaos
Official company website

Hamburg Ballet
Official company website for Hamburg Ballet

Hampson, Christopher
Choreographer's official website

Hawkins, Erick
Official company website for Erick Hawkins Dance

Hay, Deborah
Official website for the Deborah Hay Dance Company

Helsinki Dance Company
Link to official Helsinki Dance Company website

Hernandez, Amalia
Official website of the Ballet Folklórico de México

Hill, Robert
Official website for the Robert Hill company

Hong Kong
Official website for the Hong Kong Ballet
Official website for the CCDC

Horta, Rui
Website for Space of Time

Houston Ballet
Website for Houston Ballet

Hubbard Street Dance Chicago
Company website

Humphrey, Doris
Website for the Doris Humphrey Society

Hungarian National Ballet
Official website of the Hungarian Opera with link to the ballet company

Official website for the Pécs Ballet
Official website for the Gyor Ballet
Database for Hungarian dance activity


I  Top

Official website for the Iceland Dance Theatre

Inbal Pinto Dance Company
website for the Inbal Pinto company

International Dance Council
Official website for the International Dance Council

Website for Cork City Ballet
Website for Ballet Ireland

Website for Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company

Israel Ballet, The
Website for The Israel Ballet


J  Top

Jacob's Pillow
Website for the Jacob's Pillow theatre and festival

Jenkins, Margaret
Website for the Margaret Jenkins company

Jeyasingh, Shobana
Website for the Shobana Jeyasingh company

Joffrey Ballet
Website for the Joffrey Ballet and Academy

Jones, Bill T
Website for the Bill T Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company


K  Top

Keersmaeker, Anne Teresa de
Website for Rosas

Khan, Akram
Website for the Akram Khan company

Kobborg, Johan
Website for Johan Kobborg

Kumakawa, Tetsuya
Website for the K Ballet and its school


L  Top

Larrieu, Daniel
Website for the Daniel Larrieu company

Legris, Manuel
Website for Vienna State Opera where Manuel Legris is now ballet director.

Liepa, Andris
Website for Andris Liepa

Lightfoot, Paul
Website for Nederlands Dans Theater

Limón, José
Website for the Limón Dance Company

Lin Hwai-min
Website for Cloud Gate Dance Theatre

Lock, Edouard
Website for La La La Human Steps

Louis, Murray
Website for the Nikolais-Louis Dance Foundation

Lubovitch, Lar
Website for the Lar Lubovitch company

Lyon Biennale
Festival website

Lyon Opera Ballet
Website for the Lyon Opera House with link to the ballet


M  Top

McBride, Patricia
Website for Charlotte Ballet.

McGregor, Wayne
Website for Wayne McGregor/Random Dance Company

McIntyre, Trey
Website for the Trey McIntyre project

Website for Maggio

Malakhov, Vladimir
Website for Vladimir Malakhov

Maliphant, Russell
Website for Russell Maliphant company

Manen, Hans van
Website for the Hans van Manen Foundation

Mariinsky Ballet
Website for the Mariinsky Ballet

Marin, Maguy
Website for the Marin company

Marshall, Susan
Website for the Susan Marshall company

Miami City Ballet
Website for Miami City Ballet

Mizrahi, Isaac
Mizrahi's official website

Monk, Meredith
Website for Meredith Monk

Monier Mathilde
Website for Monnier and the CCN in Montpellier

Morris, Mark
Website for the Mark Morris Dance Group

Moscow Ballet School
Website for the Moscow Ballet School


N  Top

National Ballet of Canada
Website for the National Ballet of Canada

National Ballet of China
Website for the Chinese National Ballet

National Ballet of Spain
Website for information on flamenco-based dance companies in Spain

Nederlands Dans Theater
Website for NDT

Neumeier, John
Website for Hamburg Ballet

New York City Ballet
Website for New York City Ballet


O  Top

Obermaier, Klaus
Klaus Obermaier's official website

Ohno, Kazuo
Website for Kazuo Ohno's school

Orlin, Robyn
Robyn Orlin's website

Osipova, Natalia
Website for Royal Opera House where Osipova is now principal dancer.


P  Top

Pacific Northwest Ballet
Website of Pacific Northwest Ballet

PACT Ballet
Website for Joburg Ballet.

Paris Opera Ballet
Website of the Paris Opera, with a link to the Ballet company

Parsons, David
Website for the Parsons Dance Company

Pennsylvania Ballet
Website for the Pennsylvania Ballet

Petronio, Stephen
Website for the Stephen Petronio company

Pilobolus Dance Theater
Website for Pilobolus

Website for the Polish Dance Theatre
Website for the Warsaw Opera with link to the ballet company

Prague State Opera Ballet
Website for the Prague Opera with link to the ballet

Preljocaj, Angelin
Website for Ballet Preljocaj


R  Top

Rambert Dance Company
Rambert Dance Company website

Rennie Harris Puremovement
Website for RHPM

Website for the Bucharest Opera with link to the ballet

Roriz, Olga
Website for the Olga Roriz company

Website for Rosas

Royal Academy of Dance
Website for the Royal Academy of Dance

Royal Ballet, The
Website for the Royal Opera House with link to the ballet company

Royal Ballet of Flanders, The
Website for The Royal Ballet of Flanders

Royal Danish Ballet
Website for the Kongelige Teater with link to the Royal Danish Ballet

Royal New Zealand Ballet
Website for the Royal New Zealand Ballet

Royal Swedish Ballet
Website for the Royal Swedish Ballet

Royal Winnipeg Ballet
Website for the Royal Winnipeg Ballet


S  Top

Saarinem, Tero
Website for the Saarinen company

San Francisco Ballet
Website for San Francisco Ballet

Sankai Juku
Website for Sankai Juku

Sasha Waltz and Guests
Website for Sasha Waltz and Guests

Scala Ballet, La
Website for La Scala with a link to the ballet

Official website for Scanner

Scapino Ballet
Website for Scapino Ballet

Schaufuss, Peter
Website for the Peter Schaufuss company

School of American Ballet
Website for the School of American Ballet

Scottish Ballet
Website for Scottish Ballet

Scottish Dance Theatre
Company website for SDT

Shechter, Hofesh
Website for the Hofesh Shechter company

Shen Wei Dance Arts
SWDA website

Website for the Singapore Dance Theatre

Slovak National Theatre Ballet
Website for the Slovak National Theatre Ballet

Smuin, Michael
Website for the Smuin Ballet

South Asia
Website for the Attakkalari Centre

Spoerli, Heinz
Website for Heinz Spoerli

Spuck, Christian
Personal website for C Spuck

Stravinsky, Igor
Comprehensive website chronicling dance works created to Stravinsky scores

Streb, Elizabeth
Website for the Streb company

Stuttgart Ballet, The
Website for the Stuttgart Theatre with link to the ballet company

Link to Gottenburg Opera Ballet
Website for Cullberg Ballet
Website for Skånes Dansteater

Website for Geneva Ballet

Sydney Dance Company
Website for the Sydney Dance Company


T  Top

Takei, Kei
Website for Moving Earth

Talbot, Joby
Official website for Joby Talbot

Tankard, Meryl
Official website for Meryl Tankard

Taylor, Paul
Website for Paul Taylor Company

Teshigawara, Saburo
Website for KARAS

Tharp, Twyla
Twyla Tharp website

Thordal-Christensen, Aage
Website for Los Angeles Ballet

Toronto Dance Theatre
Website for Toronto Dance Theatre

Tsao, Willy
Website for City Contemporary Dance Company (CCDC)


U  Top

Urban Bush Women
Website for Urban Bush Women


V  Top

Vandekeybus, Wim
Website for Ultima Vez

Varone, Doug
Website for Doug Varone and Dancers

Vienna State Opera Ballet
Website for Vienna State Opera with link to the ballet


W  Top

Warsaw Ballet
Website for the Warsaw Opera with link to the ballet company

Washington Ballet
Website for Washington Ballet

Wheeldon, Christopher
Website for Morphoses

Wuppertal Dance Theatre
Website for Tanztheater Wuppertal


Y  Top

Yerbabuena, Eva La
Personal and company website for Yerbabuena


Z  Top

Zakharova, Svetlana
Official website for Svetlana Zakharova

Zurich Ballet
Website for Zurich Opera House with link to the ballet