Title Lists

Full list of titles available in Oxford Reference

Explore the recently improved title list. Updates include:

  • A new column listing if a title is the latest or previous edition
  • Removal of past editions that are no longer available on the site
  • Cleaner filtering and sorting
  • Notation for the newly added titles to the ORO Premium Collection

Download a full Excel title list


Browse the Oxford Reference site

Click on the link to see a results page filtered by books in Oxford Reference. Refine further by selecting the following options in the left-hand table of contents:

  • Reference Type – Find only books from Subject Reference, Quotations, English Dictionaries, or Bilingual Dictionaries
  • Subject – Find only books within specific subject categories 
  • Content Set – Find books within the collections you subscribe to: Quick Reference or Reference Library (for more information, please visit About)


Locating a Title in Oxford Reference

In the style of Google keyword searching, where researchers seek information on a specific topic, Oxford Reference defaults to showing relevant entries rather than books. But finding the Oxford title you want can be just as easy.

  • Type all, or part, of a book title into the quick search box (e.g. ‘english literature’). Press Enter. Tab to book view to see all books with ‘english literature’ in their title, or description
  • Click a subject from the subject browse panel at the top of the page (e.g. Music), which displays all entries in that subject area. Tab to book view to see all books in that subject
  • Click a reference type from the reference type browse panel at the top of the page (e.g. Subject Reference, Bilingual Dictionaries, etc). Tab to book view to see books in that reference type


Every book has a book home page displaying bibliographic information, a browse list of all its entries, a contents list of any available front and end matter such as contributor information and appendices, and a ‘search within this work’ box. See for example A Dictionary of Critical Theory.

         > Tip: If you use a particular book regularly, why not create a shortcut to its home page in your browser? In addition, users can sign in to their individual accounts and click the ‘Save’ icon on highly used book home pages to add them to their My Content list, making it easy to click back to them at any time while on the site. See My Work for more information.


How often do the titles on Oxford Reference update?

Oxford Quick Reference: New titles and editions are added to the collection regularly throughout the year. In addition, a monthly updating program ensures that existing entries are reviewed for timeliness and accuracy and new entries are added as needed.

Oxford Reference Library: New major reference titles are added throughout the year, with new editions publishing periodically as they appear in print