Ten facts about snack foods from around the world

February 4, 2016

An excerpt from an OUPblog article published on Monday 1st February 2016, written by the Oxford Reference marketing team.

The Oxford Companion to Food

In times and places when food supplies might be unreliable, it is better for us to eat one or two big meals a day...However, where the food supply is certain our bodies can much better survive on fewer, smaller, but more regular meals. Therefore, the modern trend of snacking frequently throughout the day is seen as “nutritionally rational”.

Like anything, though, it depends on what snack food you are eating to determine how healthy this really is! We’ve collected together 10 surprising facts about snack foods from around the world, all taken from The Oxford Companion to Food.'

Discover more: Read the rest of the article on the OUPblog.


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