What's New: January 2024

January 18, 2024

January 2024 Oxford Reference update

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This month, two new Reference Library titles have been added to the site.

New Titles:

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Queer Studies and Communication

Queer communication studies is not a new field of study, although the uneven and hesitant embrace of queer topics and perspectives across the subfields of communication studies is evident to anyone who browses book series or journals in the field. The Oxford Encyclopedia of Queer Studies and Communication gathers the world's expertise on queer studies and communication in one resource and allows readers to appreciate how the central questions of these two seemingly disparate disciplines share common concerns about bodies, modes of relationality, representation, and cultural norms.

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The Almanac of American Politics (51 ed.)

The 2024 Almanac of American Politics marks the 51st edition of this political reference icon. The Almanac of American Politics continues to be the gold standard of accessible political information, relied on by everyone involved, invested, or interested in politics in the United States of America. Highly regarded for its in-depth analysis and comprehensive profiles of every congressional district, state, governor, and member of Congress, The Almanac is the tool readers need to better understand the context of the people and perspectives shaping the issues that matter to readers.

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