Yorkshire: the birthplace of film?

September 1, 2015

An excerpt from an OUPblog article published on 1st September 2015, written by Annette Kuhn and Guy Westwell, co-authors of A Dictionary of Film Studies.

A Dictionary of Film Studies

'Any assertions of ‘firsts’ in cinema are open invitations to rebuttal, but the BBC has recently broken news of a claim that the West Yorkshire city of Leeds was in fact film’s birthplace. Louis Le Prince, a French engineer who moved to Leeds in 1866, became one of a number of late 19th-century innovators entering the race to conceive, launch, and patent moving image cameras and projectors.

There is plenty to be said about Yorkshire’s contribution to cinema; and film historians have long been aware of the groundbreaking contributions of the moving-image inventors working in the county’s great cities around the turn of the twentieth century.'

Discover more: Read the rest of the article on the OUPblog.  

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