Oxford Reference title reviewed by The Bookbag

December 8, 2016

The following review appeared on The Bookbag in November 2016, and was later extended to add information for the online edition on Oxford Reference in December 2016.

You can get permanent access to this book, as well as over 400 more reference titles, by recommending Oxford Reference to your librarian, or purchasing them in print through the OUP website.

The Oxford Dictionary of Original Shakespearean Pronunciation

The Oxford Dictionary of Original Shakespearean Pronunciation

"Crystal has looked to capture the state of our language at the time when Shakespeare was writing and whilst it's impossible to say that he has it as it was it seems probable that he has achieved something quite remarkable.


I've just had the most tremendous fun with the online platform for The Oxford Dictionary of Original Shakespearean Pronunciation. Just log in and you have access to a male voice speaking the words in the dictionary. Where there are different pronunciations available, they follow the same order as in the dictionary. The spoken words are clear and you can repeat them as often as you wish until you're happy with your own pronunciation."


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