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December 5, 2016

The following review appeared in the December 2016 issue of CHOICE.

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The Dictionary of Caribbean and Afro–Latin American Biography

Dictionary of Caribbean and Afro–Latin American Biography

"This groundbreaking, evolving reference work massively expands the body of available information—using significant source materials in all regional languages—on the lives and achievements of people of African descent and those individuals who significantly impacted the African diaspora in Latin America and the Caribbean from colonial to contemporary times. Previous comparable reference works included only a small number of people of African descent or were limited by linguistic and cultural constraints. The dictionary's some 2,000 detailed articles in six volumes profile persons who have never been covered in an English-language work before and feature extensive bibliographies of print and online references. Articles are written by an international group of diaspora scholars in fields ranging from literature and the arts to education, science, business, and medicine. The preface and introductions offer a thoughtful consideration of the relative absence of Africans and their biographies from historical awareness and educational discourse, and the editors supply statistics on the scope of the slave trade to the region and provide a thoughtful survey of the strengths of the volumes' contents. The final volume sorts individuals by their birthplaces or the locations with which they were primarily associated, the fields in which they are recognized, and periods of activity. Future new material will be added by Oxford's African American Studies Center via the Oxford Reference (CH, Mar'15, 52-3390) platform.

Summing Up: Essential. All libraries/levels."

R. B. Ridinger, Northern Illinois University

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